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UHS has finalised a program of religious, cultural and spiritual activities following discussions with religious leaders, the community and service providers, to fulfill its mission, aims and objectives.
Our mission is to unify all Hindus by establishing a universal place of worship and to fulfill the religious, cultural, spiritual and charitable needs of the community.

Based on the responses and analysis of the processes and submissions, the UHS adopted an integrated and holistic approach to make the following recommendations: -

•    The UHS establishes a Place of Worship and a Spiritual Resource Centre to be utilised by all members of the community in accordance with the mission, aims and objectives of the Society.

•    The UHS will implement structured educational programmes taught by persons who share the vision, aims and objectives of the Society.

•    The Society's facilities and resources should be reserved for use by the Society to achieve its aims and objectives.

•    The Society's facilities, if available may be utilised by community, humanitarian, social or other religious organisations provided that such other organisations’ constitution, aims, objectives and activities enhances the aims and objectives of the UHS.

•    The Society will create an annual programme and calendar of events.

•    The programme should include bhajans, discourses, language, dance and music classes, meditation, yoga and religious education.

•    The calendar of events will include Hindu Festivals and Celebrations that observes/celebrates every auspicious day with satsangh and discourses.  

•    The Satsangh on Monday evening at 6:30 pm will continue.

•    A Sunday Morning Programme (bhajans, discourses and meditation) from 8.30 to 10am on the first Sunday of every month will commence on 3 May 2009.

Other activities include – regular Hindi and Tamil classes, teaching of Hindu scriptures, classes on devotional songs, yoga classes – Sahaja Yoga, Iyenga Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

For the schedule of activities and more information call 031 562 0852.