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Hinduism the - Eternal Faith - is not only a religion, but is based on a code of good living. Hinduism is what you practice; it is a way of life.

Although Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, we believe that it has a continuing relevance to contemporary problems. Hinduism is open and diverse and the Umhlanga Hindu Society aims to reflect this, both in our activities and membership.

In striving to continue the tenets of Hinduism, the Umhlanga Hindu Society brings people together through cultural, religious, charitable and social events. The diversity of events means that whatever your background or interest, there will be something for you.

Knowledge of our religion, culture and language enables us to respect others. Not only does this make you more tolerant and broadminded, but it also allows you to make your own contribution towards our multicultural society. This enables you to live in harmony with people of different racial, religious and language groups. The tolerance and fortitude of Hinduism allows us, as a united Hindu community, to make our mark in this beautiful country, of which we are an integral part.