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The Umhlanga Hindu Society was established to fulfill the religious, spiritual and cultural needs of the Hindu community in Durban North, the greater Umhlanga area, and its surrounds. This laid the foundation for the present day Umhlanga Hindu Society. The Society grew steadily with regular weekly home services, and throughout its existence has observed all the major Hindu celebrations. Perhaps the greatest legacy of the Umhlanga Hindu Society is a guarantee to the community of the religious and cultural practices inherent to Hinduism. The continuity lies in the children and youth, who are the future of our community. The youth have become an integral part of the Society, and have actively participated throughout the years.
A harmonious blending and sacred knowledge from childhood is essential for the total enrichment of man. The Umhlanga Hindu Society endeavours to provide that much-needed spiritual basis to the lives of our children, thus ensuring the continuation of our culture and religion. The establishment of the Umhlanga Hindu Society as a company (not for gain) entrenched the ideals of transparency and a democratic culture that are fundamental to our organisation. The Society was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Welfare. The Memorandum and Articles of Association set out the organisational structure and define the mission and objectives of the Society.
From inception, the Umhlanga Hindu Society has at all times strived to ensure that our administration, development and activities are transparent and that the Society is nurtured through best practices at various levels. It is important that we continue with this culture of openness and consultation as it reflects the inclusive ideals embedded in our Society’s objectives.