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The Umhlanga Hindu Society has acquired a site in Somerset Park, at the corner of Hambridge Drive and Mt. Edgecombe Drive. A professional team has been appointed to steer the development, management and construction of the place of worship and cultural centre. The team comprises of individuals from the community who are involved in the construction industry.

The team has been tasked to develop a conceptual framework for the efficient delivery and implementation of the temple project. Preliminary designs and conceptual layouts have been prepared for discussion purposes. The team works closely with the Executive Committee of the Umhlanga Hindu Society to ascertain the needs of the Hindu community. The brief to date was to develop a common place of worship and a cultural centre to cater for all linguistic groups within the Hindu community. The starting point for the team was to ensure that the design process translates the project ideals into a process that delivers. To this end it was proposed that the initial phase focuses on building a shared understanding of the project and the anticipated outcomes and inherent opportunities. The design of the Temple will be unique, as it would attempt to cater for both North and South Indian Temple styles. Consultation with experts will ensure that religious aspects are incorporated into the design of the building.

The Umhlanga Hindu Society, in its short history, has reached another milestone in the development. It has been two years since the Committee Room has been completed and we are in the process of completing the boundary walls. The Committee Room is used regularly to cater for the religious, spiritual. cultural, educational and youth development needs of the Hindu community. Phase 2 of the proposed development includes the temple, banquet room and the second committee room. The Society has commenced with minor earthworks and is now in a position to commence with the project as soon as possible. This historic milestone could not have been achieved without the generous donations and support from the members of our community.

It is with this goal in mind that the Umhlanga Hindu Society hereby appeals to you or your company and your network of business associates or acquaintances as stakeholders in our community to become involved in this dynamic community driven project, to support our initiatives and to donate or sponsor generously in cash or kind towards the development of Phase 2.
We humbly attach, for your kind consideration, the list of Bulk Materials that is required to complete the project. The UHS will graciously welcome any contribution or assistance that you may be able to offer.

For more information please contact Irma Singh.
Yours in Service.

Executive Committee
Umhlanga Hindu Society
Tel: 031 572 7357
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