Integral to the Society’s mission, are the numerous seva projects that are undertaken by the Society.

Seva or service to the poor and suffering is a principle advocated by the Umhlanga Hindu Society. In essence, seva is described as selfless service to mankind. One of the objectives of the Umhlanga Hindu Society (UHS) is to aid in the reduction of suffering and improve the quality of life to disadvantaged communities, the elderly and assist with animal welfare.

Our Seva Objectives

The Society has been actively engaged in various seva projects since inception and will continue to do so. The Umhlanga Hindu Society remains committed to making a difference with its Seva projects as “Service to Man is Service to God.”
  • To offer assistance in the relief of poverty and disease.
  • To assist persons living with HIV/AIDS, orphans, physically and mentally challenged persons.
  • To utilise the skills and resources within the Umhlanga Hindu Society to empower disadvantaged communities.
  • To facilitate medical camps and blood donor clinics.
  • To actively participate in making donations of cash or kind, in the event of natural calamities or disasters.

Projects Undertaken

In striving to ascribe to the tenets of Hinduism, the Umhlanga Hindu Society brings people together through all our events and activities to ensure that whatever your background or interest, there are diverse programs and activities that will be of interest to all in our community.

  • Stationary Drive - Donations of stationary, readers, photocopy paper, dictionaries and library books
  • Mother’s Day - Projects were undertaken for the elderly and the victims of rape and gender-based violence. Handbags, sarees, toiletries and eastern wear were distributed.
  • A hamper consisting of sarees, Punjabis and toiletries were handed over to the elderly in old age homes and disadvantaged communities.
  • Handbags filled with toiletries were handed to victims of rape and gender-based violence.
  • Mandela Day - Donations in cash or kind are collected and handed over to an Animal Welfare Organization or a Children’s Organization.
  • Diwali Hamper Drive is the major project undertaken every year. Donations from the community are used to purchase essential grocery items and distributed to disadvantaged communities in Durban and surrounding areas. Last year 420 hampers were distributed at a cost of R300 per hamper.
  • Since the start of the Covid 19 Pandemic, UHS has contributed to the Dennis Hurley Foundation who provided meals and shelter to the homeless and hungry at the start of lockdown and the I Care program which assists with keeping the homeless children off the street.
  • Covid-19 safety packs were also given to the most vulnerable.
  • UHS was given the opportunity to pack and distribute 50 tons of food collected in Gauteng by the South African Desi and Hindu Insights during the unrest and disruptions that affected KZN in July 2021. Over 3800 hampers were distributed to various communities and organizations across KZN.
  • The Floods in April this year has caused loss of lives and much devastation. Property, homes, businesses and communities were destroyed and many were left homeless, and without water or food The UHS made an appeal for Disaster Relief. The response from the community was heartwarming. Donations of groceries, water, clothes, beddings, blankets, mattresses, pillows, jerseys, clothes, shoes and furniture were donated towards the Disaster Relief project. Hot and nutritious meals were also prepared. The donations were distributed to the areas affected by the floods and the most vulnerable. The Disaster Relief project continued with the second flood in May.
  • Cash donations to KZN Childline, CANSA, Phoenix Hospice & Sunflower Fund, TAFTA, SPCA, PACT, Dennis Hurley Foundation and many other organizations throughout the years.
  • Feeding Scheme – Cheshire Homes, Missionary for Charity, Shree Bhagavata Vedanta Society, Addington School, Trenance Park Disadvantaged Community, Sunshine Crèche.